September 18, 2012

Best Over The Counter Eye Creams

best over the counter eye creams

One of the first places to show signs of aging is our eyes, which can appear saggy, puffy, wrinkled and fatigued, making us appear older than we really are. Youthful eyes naturally appear bright, fresh and toned, which are the main objectives of most eye creams on the market. By harnessing the power of various ingredients, scientists attempt to create formulations that recreate this youthful appearance.

The multi-million dollar eye cream industry is constantly seeking the next big breakthrough ingredient that will create a ‘miracle cream’ and banish wrinkles forever. The truth is that no cream will instantly get rid of wrinkles, dark circles and under-eye bags for good; however, there are some amazing eye creams out there that will really help to make a significant difference to the appearance of the eye area.

What To Look For When Choosing An Eye Cream

To achieve optimum results from any eye cream, it should be applied at least once a day for several weeks in order to give it a realistic chance to work. Such a commitment of time – not to mention financial investment – in an eye cream means that it should be chosen carefully. With a plethora of eye creams on the market, all claiming to improve the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and under-eye bags, how can you be sure which ones are the best?

A good eye cream does not come cheap, so be wary of any brand that makes bold claims for a budget price. That said, a luxury price tag does not necessarily equate to a superior product – many brand-named beauty products are simply riding on the popularity of the brand, and are not necessarily the most effective. Therefore, it is best to exercise common sense when choosing an eye cream: a cream from the dollar-store will probably not drastically change your life, but just because a fancy jar with a gold lid costs $200 it is not necessarily any more effective. So, if price is not a guaranteed factor, what other elements should be considered to find the best over the counter eye cream?

Always Check The Ingredients

Take a look at the ingredients list on the label of the eye cream. If it contains cheap fillers, such as mineral oil, it is unlikely to be a premium product. Mineral oil is not beneficial for the skin and can lead to clogged pores. It is also important to check the ingredients to ensure that the eye cream does not contain any substances to which you may be allergic, in order to prevent unpleasant side-effects or irritation.

Is The Product Clinically Tested?

The best over the counter eye creams are those which have been clinically proven to cause visible results in scientific trials. Most major brands will be happy to boast their scientific test results in their sales pitch, and should provide detailed information about exactly how the eye cream will improve the condition of your skin. Always look for transparency in a brand – a manufacturer should be open about publishing the full list of ingredients on its website or product label.

Check Real User Reviews

Seek out customer reviews from people who have actually used the eye cream on themselves. It is always helpful to hear other users’ experiences and can help to shed light on the effectiveness of a product. Bear in mind, however, that online reviews are not always genuine and not everything you read on the internet can be trusted.

Common Ingredients

An effective eye cream should contain enough active ingredients to be able to make a difference to your skin. Popular eye cream ingredients include retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid and ceramides. These all work in various ways to tighten, hydrate and promote a more youthful appearance of the skin. Another little-known ingredient to look out for is Xtend-TK, which is hailed as a ‘miracle substance’ in the eye cream industry due to its ability to reduce wrinkles and stimulate the growth of healthy new skin cells.


They say knowledge is power, so to make an informed decision you need to have all the facts about an eye cream. Identify which particular concerns are important to you, such as dark circles, and choose an eye cream that is specifically targeted towards treating that issue. It is also worth taking a holistic approach to skin care, rather than solely relying on an eye cream. A healthy diet and lifestyle will give your skin a helping hand from the inside, allowing the eye cream to work its magic on the outer layers. Regular exercise, plenty of sleep and hydration will play their part in improving the circulation and appearance of your skin.

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